Subject: Scary new species?!?
Location: South Texas Coastal Bend
December 16, 2013 9:47 pm
Found our cat Lucy playing with this interesting fellow. Nothing we’ve ever seen around here. Found here in the South Texas Coastal Bend just a couple of days ago. Looked somewhat cockroach in nature, the horns at the top of the head moved slightly. Did not try to fly, And i couldn’t really count the legs since Lucy had been playing with it, Not sure if she damaged it in anyway. An identification would be greatly appreciated. No one around here has seen anything it.
Signature: Mrs Garcia


Hello Mrs. Garcia,
Because of their large size and unusual appearance, Toe-Biters or Giant Water Bugs frequently attract attention.  They are also attracted to lights, which increases their visibility.  Giant Water Bugs are aquatic predators and they are not related to Cockroaches.  Handle with care as they might deliver a painful bite.

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