Toe Biter

I got a water scorpion pic for you
My name Is Maranda and a few nights ago I was at work and someone brought to my attention that there was a huge bug on the wall outside our building. I had never seen anything like it so I captured it. I took some pics of it but could not find out what it was, finally after lots of searching online I found out it was a water scorpion. I came across this site and saw that you liked pics of them so I thought i’d send you mine. I also have a question though, are they common to find in michigan? I read they were from Germany. And also I stilll have him captive, what should I do with him?
p.s. I read that they use thier tails for snorkeling in water, but his is broken off, is this a problem for him?

Hi Maranda,
This isn’t a Water Scorpion, but another aquatic Hemipteran, the Giant Water Bug or Toe-Biter. They are common in Michigan.

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