Tobacco Hornworm

Subject: What’s this big?
Location: Las Vegas, NV
October 8, 2016 4:23 pm
My grandparents live in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were trimming their hot pepper plants this morning and found this guy. Just wondering what kind it is and if it can be incubated. Thanks!
Signature: Jess

Tobacco Hornworm
Tobacco Hornworm

Dear Jess,
There are two similar looking, closely related Hornworms in the genus
Manduca that both feed on pepper, tomato and eggplant leaves, all members of the nightshade family.  Your caterpillar is the Tobacco Hornworm, the larva of the Carolina Sphinx.  You can continue to feed this Tobacco Hornworm leaves of pepper or tomato plants until it is ready to pupate, which it will do underground.  Providing loose, moist but not damp soil, will allow it to metamorphose in captivity.

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  1. I found a tobacco Hornworm and was hoping to keep it in the bucket of dirt but the dirt was too wet so now I think it died and I’m kind of sad about it. I then put it in a bucket of shredded paper hoping it’s just in diapause, but I think it might be deceased. Any suggestions or what I should look for if he’s dead? Thanks! ~April~


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