Tiger Bee Fly relative

Tiger Bee Fly photos
Location: Los Angeles, California
August 23, 2011 4:12 am
I was able to identify this Tiger Bee Fly, thanks to this site! I thought you might like these photos I took yesterday. I had never seen one of these before, so I was very curious. This guy landed nearby on a white shirt I had hung up to dry. I think he stands out nicely against this background.
Signature: Adam Shipman

Tiger Bee Fly relative

Hi Adam,
We are happy to hear you were able to use our website to identify your Tiger Bee Fly,
Xenox tigrinus, but we would advise you, and anyone else, to be sure to check our site against other resources since we are not infallible.  BugGuide is always an excellent place to identify North American species from Canada and the United States.  BugGuidelists the identifying features as “A large Bee Fly with a distinctive wing pattern. Note the large, wrap-around eyes.”  We have observed that there is some degree of variability in the pattern on the wings between individuals.  Since you indicated that the fly landed on a white shirt, we adjusted the levels in the corresponding RGB histograms to whiten the fabric.

Tiger Bee Fly relative

Ed. Note:  We just received a comment correcting our identification and we agree that this is Xenox habrosus.


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  1. It seems that this is actually a closely related species: Xenox Habrosus. I came to this conclusion because I observed the insect in California. Also, notice the slightly different pattern on the wings which is more consistent with Xenox Habrosus.


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