Subject: Is this a walnut moth??
Location: South Africa
April 3, 2017 11:25 am
My mom saw this moth in South Africa and we can’t ID it! Ithe looks like a walnut moth but it seems that’s found in America, it also doesn’t have the spots!
Thank you!
Signature: Jess

Tiger Moth: Metarctia lateritia

Dear Jess,
While your beautiful Tiger Moth does bear a superficial resemblance to the North American Royal Walnut Moth, they are not even closely related.  The first matching image we found was on the Photographs from South Africa blog, but the moth is not identified.  FlickR provided us with the name
Automolis lateritia.  It is identified on iSpot as  Automolis lateritia subsp. lateritia, but according to African Moths, the accepted name is Metarctia lateritia and synonyms include:  “Automolis lateritia, Hebena venosa, Metarctia aegrota, Automolis unicolor.”  The well feathered antennae indicates your individual is a male.  This lovely moth was featured on a 1953 postage stamp from Mozambique based on Colourbox.

Location: South Africa

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