Location: Guam
July 24, 2011 9:54 pm
Update from previous question to ID a caterpillar
They’re moths, not sure what kind?!
Signature: Holly

Tiger Moth: Argina astrea

Hi Holly,
Thanks for the update, but we cannot find your original identification request.  We believe we have correctly identified your moth as
Argina astrea on the Moths of Borneo website.  We are very interested in posting the photos of the caterpillars if you are able to resend them by attaching the images to this response.  We also want to commend you on successfully raising a caterpillar to maturity and taking photographs of the metamorphosis process.  The James Cook University website indicates that the common name, taken from the food plant, is the Crotalaria Pod Borer.

Tiger Moth Pupa: Argina astrea

Thank you! Wonderful information, I really appreciate it, I will be making a donation for your time! I have attached the photos of the plant we found them on as well as the caterpillars. Thank you again.
Holly Hutson

Crotalaria Pod Borer

Hi Again Holly,
We are most excited to be receiving your caterpillar photos, and you are most kind to make a donation even though we missed your first request.

Crotalaria Pod Borer

The plant you submitted is definitely a Crotalaria based on the Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide website.


Location: Guam

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