Subject: x bug
Location: Indonesia
February 17, 2017 3:59 am
hi, just recent weeks ago i found this strange bug. it’s very uncommon to have that kind of bug (which i don’t know what kind it is) in here.
i hope you can give me more information about this bug, because it scares people away.
thank you
Signature: x bug

Tiger Moth from Facebook

The moth in this image is a Tiger Moth, and the named file indicates it was lifted from Facebook.  Tiger Moths are harmless.  We have no idea what the X thing is, but it is not part of the moth, so this is either an internet hoax (the term we have long used for “fake news” on the internet) or an object merger similar to a photo showing a tree growing out of someone’s head.

We stand corrected.
Thanks to everyone who sent us corrections and links through our comments section.  We are going to contact Arctiid expert Julian Donahue to have him provide an explanation.

Arctiid Expert Julian Donahue provide some input.
Hi Daniel,
Not a humbug, but apparently the widespread Asian Creatonotos transiens displaying his coremata (androconia are specialized scent scales usually confined to the wings).
You can see images here:
and also if you Google the congeneric Creatonotos gangis you will see images of similar coremata.
The Mt. Washington weather station is still down (apparently since about January 3), so I can’t track how much rain you’re getting–except on the news. Hope the hill doesn’t wash away. Your storm is just now beginning to hit Tucson, but we’re only expecting 0.5 to 1 inch of rain.
Stay dry,

Location: Indonesia

9 Responses to Tiger Moth from Indonesia: Facebook Hoax, Object Merger or The Real Thing???

  1. Jeffrey P. says:

    If you google Creatonotos gangis there are moths with similar “Hair Pencil” glands that secrete pheremones to attract mates.

  2. Adrian Chan says:

    No its not a hoax ! The X thing is an organ of the moth used either to scare away predators or for copulating purposes. I’ve seen it before personally !

  3. dirt boy says:

    the tentacle things are part of the moth, they’re called coremata

  4. Black Zarak says:

    I had to look the name up, but it’s definitely a scent organ called the coremata male moths have.

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