Bug Name
Location: South East
October 20, 2010 6:56 pm
My dad taught me how to take a piece of grass and put it in the hole, and when the worm started to push the grass out, you YANK out the worm. I have looked everywhere and cannot find the name of the worm/bug/ant/whatever. They live in hard ground in holes. They eat small bugs and are great fish bait. So what is this bug?
Signature: Alesha

Tiger Beetle Hole

Dear Alesha,
We are perfectly charmed by your story of luring a Tiger Beetle Larva in the family Cicindelinae out of its hole with a blade of grass.  You can see a clearer image on BugGuide, but the accompanying text pales in comparison to your own personal story.

Tiger Beetle Larva

Thank you so much, you have no idea the arguments caused by this worm.  And if you think this story is charming, you should hear the others.  The excitment of living in the south, we have to entertain ourselves somehow.  Thanks again!!!

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