Need help!
Just wondering if you know what this beetle is. A biologist friend thinks it’s a carabid beetle but isn’t sure. If you identify it you’re welcome to use the photo on your great website! Thanks,

Hi Corey,
Your beetle is a Tiger Beetle, most likely a Six Spotted Tiger Beetle, Cicindela sexguttata. Tiger Beetles are Ground Beetles in the family Carabidae, so they are Carabids, but they belong to a distinct subfamily Cicindelinae. Your photo is lovely, and looks like it was lit professionally in a studio.

Thanks for the ID and for the compliments. The photo was actually taken in the beetle’s habitat, the Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO.

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  1. Karen says:

    Is the tiger nettle poisonous? My dog found one and started foaming saliva – dripping from mouth.

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