Tiger Bee Fly

What is this??
Location:  tillsonburg, ON Canada
August 11, 2010 5:46 pm
We have noticed a couple of these very large creatures in our yard lately – they dont seem agressive but we have children and since they are about half the size of my thumb I wish they’d vacate 🙂 They are very large bodied and are black with white spots…any idea what they are?? Strange looking overgrown deer/horse flies??
Curious in Canada

Tiger Bee Fly

Dear Curious in Canada,
The Tiger Bee Fly you have photographed is a harmless pollinator and you have nothing to fear from it.

Boy thats great to hear — never seen such a large fly!!
Mrs. Moy Harries

10 thoughts on “Tiger Bee Fly”

  1. I leave in Philadelphia , Pa. and I have these bees on my back yard for the first time I have never seen them before they just appeared on my deck. Should I be worried and what should I do about them I have small kids and I am worried .

    Thank you
    Worried mom!

  2. I have a couple of these near my house. It looks like one is coming out of the railing on my deck (back end is sticking out). Do they chew on wood? How do they hatch?

  3. I live in toledo ohio and I have quite a few in my front yard near my wind chimes on my porch just think it’s amazing that they are traveled to far

  4. I have one flying around my porch posts where the carpenter bees made nests, good to hear they are harmless, live in Ohio also.

  5. Thank you for posting they re harmless. My son-in-law is allergic to bees and when we saw this in the backyard it was very worrisome. Southern California


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