Subject: Me again!
Location: Welland Ontario
August 3, 2012 5:09 pm
Sorry, to bother you again, and thank you for answering my last inquiry. There are these flies/bee things here and they are soooooo big. No clue what they are, could you please see if you can help me out again?? I thought maybe horse/deer flies, but nothing is as big as these are. The pics don’t do the size justice. I shouldn’t have zoomed in, but I wasn’t getting close lol
Signature: Thanks a bunch! Julie

Tiger Bee Fly

Hi Julie,
This Tiger Bee Fly,
Xenox tigrinus, is perfectly harmless.  According to BugGuide it is:  ” A large Bee Fly with a distinctive wing pattern. Note the large, wrap-around eyes.”

Location: Canada

4 Responses to Tiger Bee Fly

  1. J England says:

    I got bit by tiger bee fly. It hurt what kind they have poison? It feels not like same other ant, bee, mosquitos , els.

  2. Flonkbob says:

    Saw one this weekend in Kentucky. It was UGE! UGE!

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