Subject: Need to identify bug(s)
Location: New Jersey
May 24, 2016 6:26 am
Thanks in advance for your time and service you provide.
My daughter went to zoo yesterday and her mom found two bugs on her scalp (partially penitrating scalp). I am worried as I have a 9th month old as well at home and wanted to isolate this incident as one time thing. You help will identifying and any recommendation would be of great help.
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Your daughter has Ticks.  They will not breed on her, so removing the offensive creatures should eliminate the problem.

Thank you Daniel. They are off her and we monitor her for any fever or rash. I am proactively calling on the pest terminator to examine her room to see if we have more of them.
Anyways thanks again for your prompt response. You are a great resource/help for people like me.

You are welcome.  Most people pick up Ticks while walking in woods and fields.

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