Tick and an Unidentifiable Creature from Louisiana


I live in Louisiana and I am dog sitting at my house. I often have to bring her out at night and she walks all over the yard and then gets back in bed – so my best guess is she tracked something in. I found an insect or pupa (no idea what it is – first 2 pictures) and about a dozen tiny brown bugs in my bed this morning. I have been trying to identify them all day and just have not gotten any definitive answers. For reference, on the lint roller sheet they are the 2 more prominent black dots. So extremely small. The final picture is a zoomed in shot – the clearest I could get with my camera. 

Hope you can help! Thanks for your time, 


Dear O,

It appears you have. two different critters.  There is not enough detail in your images to be certain, but the segmented critter appears to be some type of terrestrial crustacean and is not a cause for worry.  The other critter appears to be a larval tick, and you can. compare your image to the images posted to Anything Pawsable website (https://anythingpawsable.com/ticks-and-dogs-possible-dangers-how-to-avoid-them/).Ticks are commonly brought indoors when pets go outside and return to the comfort of the bed or couch.

Our only reservation with the Tick identification is that it appears the critter has antennae,  and Ticks do not have antennae, but this might also be due to the low resolution of the images.



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