jelly bean sized grey bug
Location: Encinitas, California
January 31, 2011 5:44 pm
Dear Bugman,
I found our jelly bean friend while walking my dog, brought it home for a few photos and returned it to where I found it. It is about the size of a jelly bean, has a flexible exoskeleton with what appears to be small holes and shifting indents on its back.
What is this bug!?
Signature: curiousjae


Hi curiousjae,
We knew just by your subject line that you had found a blood engorged Tick, but alas, we do not possess the necessary skills to classify this Tick to the species level.  We believe the correct answer can be found on BugGuide.  Is there an Acarologist out there who can provide the correct answer as well as the identifying traits?

2 thoughts on “Tick”

  1. I have never seen a tick this color and shape in our area. I have to assume it came in on our sweet collie. I will be getting Frontline for her tomorrow so the fleas and strange ticks, well all ticks, stay off of her! Gross!


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