Subject: In my bed
Location: West Palm Beach
February 20, 2013 6:48 am
I do not believe these are bed bugs as the head is not pronounced and we have not been bitten. There are not that many of them as well. they are under my mattress and sometimes on top.
Signature: Thank you, Joel T. [Ed. Note:  Surname withheld for privacy]


Hi Joel,
You are correct.  This is not a Bed Bug, but it is a blood sucking Tick and it appears to be engorged.  We suspect that perhaps you have a pet dog or cat that goes out and sleeps on the bed.  You should try to do a thorough cleaning and elimination.  Ticks do not prefer humans as prey, but if they are hungry, they will bite people.  FYI, we have taken the liberty of editing your surname from this posting in an effort to save you and your family from potential embarrassment.

3 thoughts on “Tick”

  1. I have been bitten by a black bug, looks like a raisin,with legs, after it bit me it looked more brown with red tint , it leaves a big bite mark a chunck out of my skin, witch goes into a welt as big as half the size of my palm ,and gets hot painful and awful itching . it bite is painful and quick them repeats bite , and is gone so quick it has taken years to see one . I live in Ohio any idea what it is ?

  2. Not a bed bug to large, it was black, looked like a raisin with legs, and was the same size of a raisin , leaves a large bite, and takes a chunck ot of my skin. It bites quickly and mulity bites and it hurts ! Always bites me when I am on my sofa several times a year ! Can’t find any trace of this bug !


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