Three Green Crab Spiders

teensy weensie fluorescent green spider
Hi Dan and Lisa! I found this tiny spider on a neighbors mailbox here in the Chicago ‘burbs. It’s less than 1/4 inch in size and I’m kinda surprised I even saw it. My apologies if I sent this in already. It’s not in my “Emailed Bugs” folder, so I’m not sure. Warm Regards,

(06/10/2007) Green Spider
Dear Bugman,
I live in Central Pennsylvania, and while at work one day I seen this amazing green spider on the wall outside. Do you by any chance know what kind it is?
Bobbie Jo

(06/10/2007) spider
I love the face on the tail end. I saw it in chicago
Doug McGoldrick Photograph

Dear Joanne, Bobbie Jo, and Doug
Since you all seem to have submitted the same species of spider on the same day, we decided to streamline our posting job and combine your three letters. You each have photographed a Crab Spider, probably in the genus Misumena, and more than likely a color variation of Misumena vatia.

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