Thread Legged Bug

Possible Phasmid?
Location: Upstate New York
January 24, 2012 12:11 pm
We saw this guy in our hedges last summer around mid July. It had two tiny wings and could fly, but not very fast. It also had tiny vice-like forearms, similar to a mantid. I tried looking this up online but can’t seem to definitively identify this bug.
Signature: lureah21

Thread-Legged Bug

Dear lureah21,
Though it somewhat resembles a Phasmid, it is not.  Your observation of the raptorial forelegs was keen, identifying this as a predator and not a vegan.  Your insect is a True Bug in the Assassin Bug family.  It is subclassified as a Thread-Legged Bug in the subfamily Emesinae.  We believe it is most likely in the genus
Emesaya, possibly Emesaya brevipennis which you can find on BugGuide.

Thread-Legged Bug

Thank you for your response, that does appear to be the bug we saw.

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