Thread Legged Bug

Mini Praying Mantis
October 30, 2009
My cat first found one of these interesting creatures inside our house (7/6/09), and I made a short video of it before letting it go:
Last night (10/29/09), in my cat’s water dish, I rescued another one (or the same one) from the water. It seems similar to the grass mantis (four spider-like legs), but both the head and body shape are clearly different. What do you think?
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Rich Smith / / Los Angeles
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Thread Legged Bug
Thread Legged Bug

Hi Rich,
This is an Assassin Bug in the subfamily Emesinae, known as the Thread Legged Bugs.  Our best guess is that it is in the genus Empicoris, characterized by “femora, tibiae, and antennae banded black and white; forefemora thickened, elongate; wings slender, extending slightly beyond tip of abdomen
” according to BugGuide.  The front legs that are modified for grasping insects do resemble the front legs of mantids.

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  1. This thread-legged assassin is in the genus Ploiaria. There are 3 or 4 species possible so not going to get a species name on this one.


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