Thorn Treehopper

What is this thing?
Location: Sarasota Florida
March 30, 2011 3:01 pm
I found my Calliandra haematocephala a.k.a. Dwarf Red Powder Puff covered with a ton of these unknown insects this afternoon. Help!!!!
Signature: Peter Sowka

Thorn Treehopper

Hi Peter,
We matched your photo to that of an immature Thorn Treehopper,
Umbonia crassicornis, on BugGuide.  Adults will have fully developed wings.  BugGuide also provides some interesting information, including: “Both young and adults feed on the same trees. Many times both are found together in clusters on branches” and “The female actively tends her brood or colony, which can number from 15 to 50 individuals.”

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  1. Although this post is years old, thank you! I found these on my powderpuff tree a few days ago, about 50 of these weird looking triangular shaped bugs.


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