The Laugher

What’s That Caterpillar
Hey WTB!
We found this little dude climbing on our neighbor’s driveway. It has the most interesting looking face; the black markings almost looks like some kind of Japanese or Asian theater mask. Our 6-year old boy says it looks like a “ninja caterpillar”. We looked quickly through your 2005 caterpillar pics but did not see anything that looked like it. So what’s that bug (caterpillar)?

Hi Dave,
You didn’t see your caterpillar on our site because it is a new species on our site. We have been wanting someone to send in an image of The Laugher, Charadra deridens, for some time now just because we love the common name. The Laugher is a Noctuid Moth which includes cutworms and Owlet Moths. The caterpillar feeds on the leaves of beeches, birches, elms, oaks, and other broadleaf trees.

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