Tersa Sphinx with Parasite

Subject: Tersa Sphinx Moth
Location: Apopka, FL
August 16, 2017 1:31 pm
Found this moth on my house, took this picture then noticed something on it that seemed to be eating into it’s side. I destroyed the thing and the moth few up to the ceiling where it is now. My question is what is the thing?
Signature: Jill

Tersa Sphinx with parasite

Dear Jill,
We suspect this might be a Dipteran parasite, perhaps a Tachinid Fly, on this Tersa Sphinx.  It is possible the infestation occurred while this moth was still a caterpillar.  We are currently searching unsuccessfully, for evidence of Tachinid Flies using Sphinx Moths as hosts.  The Moth Photographers Group has a nice parasite page.

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