Tersa Sphinx

Sphinx Moth?
I found this moth hanging on my porch screen yesterday morning. I’m guessing it’s some sort of sphinx moth? Love your website. It’s the best!
(Ed. Note: 15 minutes later)
Thanks to the link on your website to the Bill Oehlke’s moth website, I found the Sphinx moth that I sent you. Naturally, it was the last one on the page. 😉 It’s a Tersa Sphinx Moth. http://www.silkmoths.bizland.com/Sphinx/xterster.htm
Rincon, GA

Wow Sheila,
If you got through all of Bill Oehlke’s individual pages in a mere 15 minutes, you have the fastest internet provider on the planet. Your identification of the Tersa Sphinx is correct and the photo is lovely.

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