Termites swarm in San Francisco

Subject: Found about 50 of these flying around my apt is SF
Location: San Francisco, CA
October 26, 2012 9:32 pm
Dear bugman, I arrived home tonight to the flutter of a thousand wings (well, actually more like 200 wings). After turning on the lights, these guys went crazy. I live in a ground floor in-law apartment in a residential neighborhood of San Francisco. Possibly related is that we had rain a couple days ago, and there are several access points to the crawlspace of the house in my apt. Any ideas? Any remedies for minimizing future outbreaks? Thanks for taking a look!
Signature: Flustered

Termite Alate

Dear Flustered,
You have Termites.  The reproductive kings and queens, known as Alates, swarm on a nuptial flight, often after a rain.  We would suggest professional assistance.

2 thoughts on “Termites swarm in San Francisco”

  1. I live near partial wooded area, and I witnessed thousands of (flying insects), I think flying termites, flying up from the ground in a frenzy yesterday. Within 30 minutes most of them were on deck, sidewalks dead. My deck is composite, and I have siding on home (new home, 7 years old). Do you think I need an exterminator? I didn’t see any inside home.

    • There are only a few species of Termites that will cause damage in the home. You should probably have an inspection if you are concerned.


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