Subject: ID please?
Location: Bay Area Califirnia USA
April 5, 2016 5:41 pm
I wonder if you can positively ID this borer for me?
There are small holes in an oak tread and a piece of pine (I believe) trim base moulding connected to it: the first indication was a pile of (what looked like) wood particles on the tread below.
I removed the trim and sprayed the holes on the inside face of it and put it in my garage – when I inspected an few hours later, the larvae in the image were on the floor, close to the trim piece – I have to assume they crawled out of the piece.
Please find attached image – by my guess, I think they might be California Wood Boring Beetle Larvae? They are only a few mm long (by estimate)
Your advice is greatly appreciated!
Signature: DEcosse


Dear DEcosse,
These are definitely Termites and the wood particles you described are known as Termite Pellets.

Thank you for your extremely prompt response – it is most appreciated!
That is not such good news of course!
I had continued to do some research and although I wasn’t sure those were termites, the Frass definitely looked like a picture I saw
I should have of course taken an image of the frass before it was cleaned up.
Ken Scott

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