Bug that flies
May 23, 2010
These bugs fly, but i see wings all over the house, window sill and all. Seems as the bug dies the wings disconnect or something. They are very small bodies. I think they are coming from
the baseboards. The house is carpets, and the baseboards are lined with carpets so i guess the bugs crawl out from under.  My dad said it happends once a year but i even saw one on my beadspread adn the other had no wings it is was moving like a booger with feet.
I have seen piles of something maybe wood, but its stacked in little
piles and I vacuum and they always reappear. sux. Are they termites or somthign else? My dad says they aren’t but i don’t thinki he knows. Im in a really old building. I have a $25 battery spray bottle of termite killer, help please
Fort lauderdale FL


Dear Adam,
This is a Termite Alate, the winged reproductive form.  Based on your letter, it sounds like you have a well established colony or colonies in your home.  The presence of the winged Alates each year is evidence that new colonies may be forming in your home.  We doubt that your battery spray bottle will eradicate the colony.

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