Termite Alate

Red bugs at my front door
Location: Anaheim, California
November 6, 2010 6:36 pm
I recently saw these red bugs flying about my front door light. I have never seen these kind of bugs before. We recently moved to Anaheim Hills, California from Mission Viejo, California.
Signature: Fremen

Termite Alate

Dear Fremen,
This is a Termite Alate, the winged reproductive form that swarms to mate and form a new colony, often after a rain.  Because of the unseasonal October rains in Southern California, we have received numerous reports of Termite Alate swarms.

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  1. Hello. I recently spotted some small dirt mounds with waxy, slimy tunnel entrances in the backyard. There were about 3 tiny winged insects with brown/reddish bodies and light colored wings. The pest control guy thought they were drywood termites. The termite guy said that drywood termites do not burrow in the ground and have weird tunnel things sticking out of a mound of dirt. He said it wasn’t termites. I can send you a photo via email since I cannot upload a photo here. I am grossed out about these insects and want to get rid of them and their colony ASAP! I live in Riverside, CA.


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