Subject: ID help
Location: Los Angeles, CA
September 11, 2012 12:51 pm
Hello! I found this creature crawling out of a hole in a piece of wood in my backyard in Los Angeles, CA. I am located about 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean. I thought it might be a Rove Beetle of some kind, but someone pointed out that it appears to have 13 segments in its antennae, and that is too many for a Rove Beetle. I wish I had more shots from other angles, but unfortunately I do not. Any help would be appreciated 🙂
Signature: gatorlink


Dear gatorlink,
This looks very similar to a Termite image, also from Los Angeles, that we just posted and it also resembles this Termite image from BugGuide.  We are having problems identifying the exact species, but it makes sense that the conditions for this species to swarm in Los Angeles right now might be ideal.

Thanks so much for the help. I think this may be a Western Drywood Termite. I hope that’s the only individual I find, or else I might have a big problem!

Location: California

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