Ten Lined June Beetle

Subject: What kind of beetle
Location: California East Bay Area Foot Hills
August 13, 2016 2:03 pm
Hello. I’ve lived in the same area in the San Francsico Bay Area for 30 years and last night (Warm August night) I found this guy on my screen. When I went around to get another picture he was gone. Any help?
Signature: Ryan G

Ten Lined June Beetle
Ten Lined June Beetle

Dear Ryan,
You can tell by the well developed flabellate or fan-shaped antennae that this Ten Lined June Beetle,
Polyphylla decemlineata, is a male.  We have been in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles for 21 years and last year was the first year we had a Ten Lined June Beetle visit our porch light.  This year we have had four sightings, both males and females.  Perhaps the California drought is affecting the range of the species.

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