Ten Lined June Beetle

Subject: 10 lined beetle
Location: Ventura Ranch, CA
June 7, 2016 6:05 am
Hi! This big guy (or gal) was on the screen of our tent last year when we vacationed at a campground in Ventura Ranch, CA. When I pried it off with a stick, it hissed at me quite loudly but I was so fascinated by its size and (what i took as its) willingness to battle me. My two, young boys were amazed too. We tried asking the campground office staff what it was but they didn’t know. We relocated him to a bush by the office.
Signature: Susan C

Ten Lined June Beetle
Ten Lined June Beetle

Dear Susan,
We don’t know if you actually counted the lines or if you actually researched the identity of this Ten Lined June Beetle, because you never asked for an identification.  The squeaking you heard is produced by rubbing body parts together, and it is known as stridulation.  Male Ten Lined June Beetles have the exaggerated antennae, and your individual is a male.

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