Ten Lined June Beetle

Subject: Please identify this beetle
Location: Northern California
July 17, 2014 9:05 am
I viewed this beetle outside my kids daycare this morning. I picked it up and brought it inside and put it in a nice hermit crab aquarium (crab is not there anymore). My thinking is that it would be nice for the kids to look at and learn something about before setting it free. Any response will be relayed to the daycare staff.
Signature: Jeff Reynolds

Ten Lined June Beetle
Ten Lined June Beetle

Hi Jeff,
Because of its large size and striking markings, the Ten Lined June Beetle is a common identification request from western states.  The Ten Lined June Beetle is capable of stridulation, which is rubbing body parts together to make a squeeking noise, and the beetles will stridulate when handled.  You can try feeding this captive Ten Lined June Beetle the fresh needles from conifers (according to Hogue) while it is in captivity.

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  1. I have a basement laundry room and have for years have seen 10 lined beetles. The place is very well sealed, and no light getting out at night. Any ideas about where they’re coming from, how to keep them out, or trap them?

    • Perhaps they are being attracted to lights. We cannot speculate on any other reason a Ten Lined June Beetle would like your laundry room.


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