Ten Lined June Beetle

Hissing Beetle
Location:  King County, Washington
August 23, 2010 12:47 pm
My husband and I came across this beetle attached to our door jam on the outside. It would not let go & then when we were able to pry it lose it was hissing at us. We moved to a safe location where it sat for 2 days. It did not move 1 inch. This morning it was gone. We could not locate it any where. We have never seen this type of bug in our area (which is south-eastern part of Wahington). Please let us know.
Thank you, Erma Gunter

Ten Lined June Beetle

Hi Erma,
Your large beetle is a Ten Lined June Beetle.  Many beetles make the hissing noise you describe, a phenomenon known as stridulation.  The noise is made when the beetle or other insect rubs parts of its body together.  It is thought to be a defense mechanism.

Thank you for responding back. Now I can put a name to the face. Is this a common beetle in our area? Are there numbers of them?
Sorry……I’m very excited about thus beetle. I have never seen one quit like this before.
Thank you again, Erma.

Hi again Erma,
The species,
Polyphylla decemlineata, ranges in the western and central states and it is not rare.  Adults feed on leaves including the needles of conifer trees.  You can read more on BugGuide.

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