Ten Lined June Beetle

Looking for an ID.
My six year old found this beetle in our front yard. She asked what it was, and I couldn’t tell her. Can you help me. If you can ID this bug please send reply. We live in Eugene ,Oregon if that helps you any.

Hi Mike,
This spectacular beetle is a Ten Lined June Beetle. Like many large beetles, they are often attracted to lights.

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  1. 7/3

    Walking our dog this evening in the wood/forested area of La Pine, OR, we saw a similarly
    large striped beetle as depicted in the June Bug photo. Any more information about this
    beetle and life cycle would be appreciated.

    Gail McDaniel

    • You can use our search engine to find information on the Ten Lined June Beetle posting that we have in our archive, and BugGuide is also a source of information.

  2. Found a Dead one of these in my parents backyard this summer, making a resin pendant with it for my beetle loving boyfriend. Thanks for the info on this bug, I really wanted to know the name for him.


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