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  1. We had a strange invasion of bugs last night (07/16/13). The weather was very abnormal for western Washington, so maybe that has something to do with it? We do have flood lights that we leave on all night long so maybe this attracted them too? We have a very large (almost 2 inches long 3/4 inch wide) ten lined June beetle attached to screen door with hundreds of tiny black winged ant looking bugs all over our porch. All of the winged bugs appear to be dead. The beetle however is alive and does not want to leave our porch. I am not a bug lover, could you tell me if maybe I have a pest problem? I do have many flower beds and large raised bed vegetable garden, should I be concerned for my plants?
    I have pictures but don’t see how to attach them.

  2. This Sunday morning, July 28th, 2013, on my front porch window screen facing south was a 3″ L 1.5″ W 10 lined June Bug with feather eyelashes. This was the biggest June bug I have ever seen. I live on Promontory Mountain in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.
    I only saw one other one about 7 years ago. Where do they originate from. How come they would be here. The back drop of Promontory Mountain, evergreen trees and a lot of wild life.

  3. 7/3

    Walking our dog this evening in the wood/forested area of La Pine, OR, we saw a similarly
    large striped beetle as depicted in the June Bug photo. Any more information about this
    beetle and life cycle would be appreciated.

    Gail McDaniel

  4. 6-18-15
    just found one, belly-up in Smith River, Ca..SO beautiful……wish 4 more, only ones a bit more lively! just moved here from Palm Springs..a whole ‘nother different bug assortment to ponder! Such fun! ‘cept for the bananna slugs – which one has to learn to live with…some are quite beautiful…..

  5. My grandsons found a 10 striped June beetle on our patio in Chelan, Wa. It had the misfortune of walking on the
    “home defense” I spray around the foundation of my house…it’s a biggie. No pine trees anywhere near us.

  6. I just had one fly in my room. in Southern California.
    She hissed at me when I tried to lift her off rug
    definitely the size of a June bug. my past as a biologist made me observe for
    a while. also had 2 scorpions in my room. I seem to be bug blessed

  7. I love these bugs and try to find some each year….I think the males are attracted to lights because of the sound they give off..my theory is the male think the sound of the light bulb (the hum) is a female june bug….just my theory, why else would they like lights?


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