Tawny Emperor

Tawny Emporer, or should I say hitchiker? lol.
September 28, 2009
Hey bugman,
I thought I would share this photo with ya’ll of a tawny emporer that tried to hitch a ride on my mom’s backpack strap. We had been to the IJAMS (pronounced Iams) Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee all morning (we live about 20 minutes away) and were packing up to leave when my mom suddenly said, “Oh, look!” and I look and there was this lovely butterfly on her backpack strap. It was very cooperative for photos except that it would not open its wings. It was identified by Bob Barber on bugguide. I hope you enjoy the photo, and as always I cannot thank you enough for having such an awesome website!!!
Michael Davis
Knoxville, Tennessee

Tawny Emperor
Tawny Emperor

Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for contributing your wonderful Tawny Emperor image to our site.

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