Possible Tarantula Hawk
Location: San Antonio, TX
July 8, 2011 2:08 pm
Was out takinb pics and got a few of these they were really large 1 to 1.5” and there were at least 50. I was walking slowly through taking flower, plant and bug pics. They did not seem to mind me much, but were more interested in the flowers. Is that what this is?
Signature: Renee

Tarantula Hawk

Hi Renee,
We agree that this is a Tarantula Hawk, and Bugguide has some images of Tarantula Hawks with black tipped wings.

Tarantula Hawk


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Location: Texas

2 Responses to Tarantula Hawk

  1. drequador says:

    Went back to the location where I took the Tarantula Hawk Pic hoping to see a bit more. Saw one dragging a male tarantula along and got to close. You are correct they have a very painful sting, got me on the hand twice. I dropped the camera went back to get it and got zapped again, this time on my calf. Being handicapped and unable to run, though I did a fairly good impression of all three stooges melded into one trying to make my escape, I will take appropriate measures next time I try to get that close to something and its food. I almost had to have my ring cut off my hand it swelled up so fast. The only pics taken that day were of me after a shot of benadryl, not so hilarious pics taken by my “firends” while I was passed out from the benadryl and drooled on the sofa. Those stings are about on par or worse with the few scorpion stings I have had in the past. A regular wasp or bee sting pales in comparison. I am just glad that I did not have a very severe allergic reaction. So be warned do not attempt to get to close to these flying strike force wasps once they have their prey in “hand”.

    • bugman says:

      We feel for your pain, and your firsthand account of a Tarantula Hawk sting lends credence to our making the Tarantula Hawk number 1 on our Big 5 list of creatures that are truly dangerous. Stinging insects need to be treated with respect. We are happy that your encounter did not result in any lasting health issues.

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