Tarantula Hawk

A black, organge, and baby blue bug
Location:  Santa Clarita
September 11, 2010 9:07 pm
I found this bug at work. It was a good 3 or 4 inches. The bug was blac, organge and baby blue. I’m not sure if it is a hornet or wasp. Do you know what kind of bug this is?
Signature:  David

Tarantula Hawk

Hi David,
This stunningly impressive creature is a Tarantula Hawk, one of a group of Spider Wasps that prey upon tarantulas to feed their young.  Adults are often found taking nectar from flowers and they are especially fond of Milkweed.

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  1. In my life i have seen 4 times this very same bug but at least 5 inches one time 6+. No one believes me and I thought it must be some other species.. has anyone else experienced this?

      • i was referring to its body length… with a width close to an average cigar if not exactly that. i cant imagine what its wingspan might have been. the 4 times I have seen one, this insect was dark shiny metallic blue with bright orange wings. identical to many photos of the tarantula hawk that I have see but much larger. could there be another species that isnt documented? or is this some sort of other type of insect?


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