Tanbark Borer

What is this?
I am finding these in my garage. The only place I can think that they are coming from is some fire wood I have stacked in there from over the winter. I didn’t really use the wood stove all that much and most of the wood is still there that I put there at the start of last summer (2004). If these are coming from the wood why did they not come out last summer?

Hi Steve,
We contacted Eric Eaton to share his thoughts on your Borer Beetle. Here is his response: “Decent image of what might be the Tanbark Borer, Phymatodes testaceous. Certainly something in that genus. The tanbark borer is supposedly common in eastern North America, but is also found in Europe and northern Africa! Adults vary from 8-17 mm. Larvae bore in the wood of dead and dying hardwoods, and also pine.”

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