Tampon Infestation

Hi, Your website is awsome, and answers many questions. Anyway, I thought I would share a termite (I think a termite?) horror story. You may not be able to post it as it is a bit graphic but I think it is a great story and a very important PSA for any woman with termites in her house. Anyway, when I was about 12 or 13 I started using tampons. As any girlcan tell you, when you first start you can’t do it very well. So I was in the bathroom (of our termite infested house) wrestling with this damn thing which I couldn’t (THANKFULLY) get in and finally gave up. Blaming the product, I put it up to my face and popped the cotton part out of the plastic applicator to see if maybe there was something wrong with it. Well,to my horror there were maggots (my biggest fear) writhing all over the cotton, in and out of little holes they had made. I threw it across the room as I assume anyone would and then realized after the shock of maggots in my face, that I had just been trying to shove that thing in myself. After thinking about it I realized that the grubs were most likely not maggots but termite larva, we had just had a “termite night” the day before, where the adult termites fly all over the place and you have to sit around with the lights out. I do not use tampons anymore without first inspecting the cotton part THOROUGHLY. So the moral of this story is to all women, pop the cotton out of the tampon before using to make sure you are not disturbing anyone’s meal.
Jade Shiroma

Dear Jade,
While your story is truly horrific, I don’t believe you had termite larvae eating the cotton of the tampon. Termite young are cared for within the colony. A more likely suspect are certain moths or beetles that eat natural fibers.

That makes so much more sense. Thanks and I will continue to tell everybody about your site. Thanks so much.

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  1. So usually when I’m going about my daily business when it’s “that time of month,” I wrap my used tampons in toilet paper. But lately, at home, I’ve gotten a bit lazy and just toss them into the trash bin. Well, now there are what appear to be fruit flies swarming the used tampons in my trash bin (I just presumed it had something to do with the fact that I didn’t cover them). Why would fruit flies (or whatever the insect) be attracted to my used tampons? Or is it something else in the trash that they’re after?

    • Honestly the same thing happened to me and that’s why I came to this site, to see if it haopened to anyone else. It was disgusting I covered the whole thing in plastic and threw it away

      • I think it’s blood. This happens to me, too. I live in the woods, and it’s really frustrating and impossible to deal with pests coming in every time you open a door. I bought a new wastebasket with the tightest lid I can find but they still find a way in. I know it’s just blood because my wastebasket was completely empty besides some bloody gauze from a tooth extraction and they were attracted to that, too. I mean, sugar has blood in it, right? That may be why.

  2. Jesus Christ the story about the insect larve/maggots inside the tampon is horrific. I doubt I’ll forget that for the rest of my life. Absolutely horrific.

  3. Ok so my mom is freaking out bc she pulled her tampon out and was horrified by a little worm/maggot looking thing by the string and we have no clue what it is or how to find out what it is


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