Tailless Whipscorpion from Mexico

found this tryin to get mexician hotel room near itza temple one nite
it was over 6 inch across ,, bigger than my uk size 9 feet ,,, well what can i say about the experiance ,, apart from scary ,,found its way into the drunken pairs room ,, so we chased it about with a palmcorder ,, till it scared me by jumping at the cam ,, the it was trapped in a massive jug ,, then throw back to the jungle,, dirty lil squatters ,,,, but on a different note ,, any idea what it is ,, ?? hope you can help me ps ,,. it says spider in pic name ,, but i differ now as it only got 6 legs ,, unless those massive jaws count

Hi Bill,
Fear not. The Tailless Whipscorpion is harmless. They are nocturnal predators that probably help rid the hotel of cockroaches.

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