Yellow Necked Caterpillar: Essential Facts Simplified

The Yellow Necked Caterpillar is a fascinating insect that you might have come across in your garden or local park. These creatures are known for their unique appearance, with black and yellow stripes, black heads, and reddish prolegs. They are most commonly found on hardwood trees such as oaks and birches but have also been … Read more

How to Get Rid of Yellow Necked Caterpillars: Easy & Effective Methods

Yellow-necked caterpillars are common pests that can wreak havoc on trees, shrubs, and various plants, including fruit trees like blueberries and apples. The caterpillars often feed on the foliage of hardwoods such as oaks and birches, and can cause significant defoliation if left unchecked. As a gardener or homeowner, it’s essential to learn effective methods … Read more