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cockroach infestation cured by pharmacist
May 4, 2011 7:55 pm
Hi there.  This is possibly a candidate for Worst Stories Ever…I don’t know if you approve of killing cockroaches, so perhaps this will be an unwelcome post, but I have a feeling you don’t approve of them living in your home with you. 🙂
I have a story about my grandma in Poland who, through her pharmacist’s suggestion, was able to end her horrible cockroach infestation with nothing more than what she had around the house and an hour of her time.
My grandma lives in a very old building and has not had the money to do any upkeep for many years.  After visiting her one time I looked forward to my next visit, as she raised me, and was horrified upon getting there, to find out that she was dealing with a cockroach infestation.  Although an animal fan, I am beyond scared when it comes to crawly things that live with you.  They were in the fridge, on the floor, walked on top of the couch, and fell on my hand once when I opened the light.  She was already used to it.  I barely survived staying there 2 weeks, but a year later I got the news that the infestation was over.
How is this possible?  I was dreading my grandmother coming down with some illness and having nightmares of them taking over the house, and here they just disappeared?  Apparently she had gone to the pharmacy, as she often needed to for her meds, and happen to mention the problem.  The pharmacist told her the cure-all and within a couple of weeks (if not faster) it was over.
She boiled some potatoes till they were soft, and rolled them into balls with (sorry I’m not sure) either borax or another laundry detergent, and placed them around the house, and in the closets, etc.  The balls disappeared and they’ve never returned.
Is this a known solution? I don’t care either way though – I’ve never been so thankful for a mass murder! 🙂
Signature: Maggie

Hi Maggie,
We do not think less of your grandmother for using the described method to rid her home of Cockroaches.  Boric Acid is a well known insect deterrent.  Here is an interesting account we found on the internet.  Here is an account of Borax used to deter ants.

Unknown bug in human skin (blood too?)
Location: Sierra Foothills, S. Central California
November 12, 2010 4:51 pm
I somehow got infested with a small bug that is NOT 8 legged (i.e. tick, crab,
scabies, bed-bug,etc.) but in its larger state looks more like a caraway seed with one end rounded. The smaller versions look the same. Some are speck sized. They have burrowed under my skin and will only come up when I apply bleach, Comet (that’s how I found out they were bugs and not thorns) or rubbing alcohol. My MD is baffled and I have consulted an Infectious Disease specialist who has sent samples (obtained after my GP gave me a parasite remover that I had to swallow (4 of them) on an empty stomach.
The specialist says she can’t identify them – or wouldn’t identify them until we got a lab report back. My secondary symptoms include SEVERE pain that radiates from the base of my skull down my neck and right shoulder. I’ve had to go to my MD for pain shot relief. She also gave me an anti-spasm, anti-inflammatory drug that seems to help. No one has EVER heard of this and, the specialist is so blaze’ about it, she didn’t even put a rush to the lab. There appear to be thousands of them in my skin and blood. (No exaggeration here.) I am going out of my mind. The little ones crawl out of my skin – especially when I’m hot (I have a jacket
or sweatshirt on) and I find them in my bedding in the morning or embedded in my
underpants. She said that they are NOT transferable, but I’m out on disability until we can know, for certain, what they are and how to kill them. My MD has ordered a CAT scan of my head (next Tuesday 11/16). I really can’t tell you much more about the bug, but it appears to have two translucent ”feeler”-like appendages that come out of the pointy end and sometimes stick out of my skin. (Breathing tubes?) I can’t see for certain, but I suspect that they have little, short legs on the sides of their ”caraway seed” shaped body and the larger ones have visible
lines that run across the bug (horizontally). They are both black and also rusty brown color. I haven’t been out of the country, but I do live next to a small river (Tule River) that has a pretty stagnant part on my land that I’ve had to wade into to clean off my pump filter. At this point I don’t have a clue where it came from. I just want it gone, and I’m loosing my mind. I also forgot to mention that I’m somewhat bug-phobic. HELP (if you can). I don’t think the photo I’m sending will be of any help. My digital just won’t give it the clarity. Just for reference, I shot the picture on a 8-1/2 X 11” piece of paper that I folded into quarter sized (4ths). I believe I’ve had this infestation for over a year, but just recognized them as ”bugs”.
Signature: Frantic in the Foothills

Unknown Parasite

Dear Frantic in the Foothills,
We sympathize with your infestation, but we are at a loss as to what this could be.  We are not medical specialists and we are very reluctant to give health advice.  We are quite curious what the specialist determines regarding this matter.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your response, even though you can’t identify the bug.  I have to admit the
photograph wasn’t the least bit helpful.  I did, however, just buy a microscope that has a
digital camera attached, so maybe you can at least identify the “bug”.  I firmly believe it
came from the water and not the land.  I don’t expect you to diagonse my infestation
(that’s why I’ve consulted an Infectious Disease Specialist), but knowing what the bug
(worm?) is would give me a kick-start.
At any rate, I’ll certainly let you know when I find out.  This is one for the books.  I’m going
to bypass the book and go straight to the screenplay.
Thanks again for responding.  Most sites would have just blown me off.
Frantic in the Foothills (aka Jan)

Hi again Jan,
We wish you the best of luck in eliminating this problem and would be more than happy to post any updates you are able to provide including better quality images.  We try not to be alarmist but we cannot help but ponder how things like global travel and global warming are affecting the range expansion of species that once had isolated distributions.  Tropical diseases like West Nile Virus and Invasive Exotic species like the Emerald Ash Borer are wreaking havoc in areas where they have been introduced.  Water is a well documented method for the transference of pathogens there are numerous diseases that incorporate complex life cycles that include multiple unrelated hosts.  We are sorry we are unable to provide you with any concrete diagnosis.

Update from Commenter Julie:  May 9, 2014
Mine has cleared up. After seeing the dermatologist and seeing that they were indeed fibres, I rented a sunbed and after a few days all itching stopped thank god!! Still not convinced a parasite wasnt involved at some level, no reason for fibres to be getting into my skin if they werent being taken in, however, at present I am symptom free…touch wood!!

Update from Commenter John:  February 14, 2016
I am sorry your life is filled with so many troubles caused by these horrible creatures. I would like to have some doctor that called you crazy come and live in your house for a few days so they could experience what you do. But, for some reason, they just want to ignore these things and pretend that all of us are simply crazy.
My creatures infest my garage and fogging seems to make them angry. I can’t even open the door to the garage without being swarmed and then the itching and stinging begins. Like you I clean everything and spray every plastic and vinyl surface with 409 and then bleach and wipe it off to get rid of whatever it is so I can sit down without going crazy. I have had some good luck with tea tree oil on my body so I can sleep. I shower and wash my head with shampoo and rinse really hard. Then use conditioner which rinses out a lot of the creatures because they often sting me on their way down my face and body. Finally, I use tea tree oil shampoo to which I add about a quarter ounce off tea tree oil. I shampoo that in vigorously and leave it on for a while and rinse it out completely. I use the tea tree oil shampoo on my spots where I have a rash from these creatures too.
I dry off and towel dry my hair. Then I mix a small amount of cream with a small amount of tea tree oil and rub that into my hair and scalp. I let that dry naturally. I mix another batch and spread that on my rash. When I get ready for bed I sleep with a glad garbage bag over my pillow taped shut to enclose the pillow. I sleep on the garbage bag because cloth pillowcases seem to be good homes for my creatures and I itch all night. Each night I wash off the garbage bag with Clorox bleach cleaner and let it dry then go to bed. I sleep when I do this. My wife had me try just putting lotion on my head instead of my routine of tea tree oil but after a couple of hours of itching and scratching I showered again and did my routine with tea tree oil, replaced my garbage bag pillowcase and then I could sleep.
This life is close to torture. I am getting a hazmat suit and respirator, a compressor, paint sprayer and a gallon of tea tree oil and ivermectin and spraying my garage over and over until the darn things are gone from my garage.
Best wishes for a life without these creatures of yours,

decade old nightmare. Maggots that ate live kittens/bunnies?
September 2, 2010 1:57 am
Dear Man of Bugs,
First and foremost I apologize I have no photos, but this horrific season took place a good ten years ago, and photographic evidence would only serve to scar you the way I am now irrevocably scarred.
When I was younger, I lived in Kentucky. We had a rabbit farm. Come warm weather, all the rabbits had their precious babies and the barn cats had kittens. One day I went to look at these precious darling bunnies, these tiny miracles, and when I pulled back the fur in the nesting box… they were basically mutilated. I very clearly remember the writhing maggots (white) and the lesions on LIVING creatures. I found the same waking nightmare on the barn kittens. The common link was all the animals were too yong to be mobile, and seemed to have pus in their eyes/diarrhea, and seemed thin. I do not know if this is because the gates of hell unleashed meat eating maggots on them, or they got these parasites because they were ill. I am still very traumatized by this, partly because nobody here up north believes me or can relate. I spent the rest of that summer guarding my dog’s litter of puppies, keeping them dry, warm, clean, and healthy. I truly believe my anxiety disorder started w
ith these unspeakable terrors. I learned, Bug Man, that something that looks as harmless as a grain of rice can devour your flesh, and really quickly. Life suddenly wasn’t so carefree anymore. Kittens can literally be stripped of their hides and life doesn’t care. Chilling, for a twelve year old.
I know I wasn’t delusional (well, at least back then.) Did I manage to fall through a rip in time and space and I was actually IN hell, or do these things writhe the earth?
Thanks very much for your time.

Dear Susan,
Without a photograph, our response is purely speculative.  There is a family of Flies known as Bot Flies whose larvae are endoparasites on mammals, but your encounter was probably with the Maggots of Blow Flies.  Here is a National Geographic story on the benefits of treating wounds with maggots.  As your letter indicates, sickly newborn creatures might be infested with maggots and not survive the encounter.

crazy letters
August 13, 2010 5:27 pm
crazy letters from people.  I remember you got a letter from a person inquireing about bedbugs.  can you send it to me.  they didnt’have them and the letter was hysterical.  thanks mary

Hi Mary,
We are not certain which letter you are referring to, but we suggest you try reading our Worst Bug Stories Ever.

Parasidic spider lays its eggs on my head
December 18, 2009
It started with my hair line being covered in brown sticky goo. And my hair, which was down to my waste, was being rolled around and egg or eggs and then tightly ‘glued’ to my scalp. I would touch the back of my head and the hair seemed gone and it felt like alligator armored skin. And It looked frosted like a flocked tree. I would keep pulling the hair back down from my head though it usually just broke off. What did not break was eventually chewed off for egg nesting elsewhere in my home. 6 months ago this started. I am between bald and crew cut now as I pack to escape the horrors and pain of having my head used as a nursery My poor dog also. her wrinkles were filled with eggs and her ears filled with the hard brown cocoon material. Almost like wasp nests. First t he millions of minute eggs, then the larva iand finally, a container/pod that hardens while half embedded in my scalp. Then they would hatch There larva could be removed so eventually I would be raking my head with my nails to pulled the small bugs out of my scalp. It’s like popcorn kernels Sharp and painful. .I would be rid of them maybe a week and then I would wake up egged again. A living night mare this has been. I am now getting what i absolutely need and escaping my trailer in the dead of winter and can not even see family for Christmas because every seem, crease, nook and cranny in this trailer is filled with millions of eggs and larva. I am terrified of Iinfecting family or friends am disabled, My SSDI pay has been drastically cut so this is a major thing. There is no getting another trailer or house. I am now soon to be homeless and I pray that I can escape this plague of spiders by boarding my dog at the vets for a week so that we have a chance of being rid of t his parasite. I have never in my life seen such foulness from a spi der.

Spider:  possibly Amaurobiidae species

Spider: possibly Amaurobiidae species

Brown stickiness every where and larva has replaced my insulation. In the last 6 months I have been treated for lice, then thy said scabies, then they said i must be on drugs and seeing things. from across the room mind you. I had been up in Washington photographing the rain forests there just before this all started. But I also live on the coast in the redwoods of California. I don’t know where it has come from but I would like to know what it is that is driving me from my home out into the cold wet winter. And if I have a chance of maybe coming back in a month or two should they die out or leave with out there favorite host. Or should I have the trailer burned and warn neighbors that vicious woman biting, hair eating, life stealing spiders are on the loose? I understand you are busy, but I will check often for a reply at the library so that I know what I am dealing with here. So far, not even bombing the house has fazed them. I found a few dead but it only slowed thing s down a bit. Will I ever escape this nightmare? I need to know if I can, how long should I leave all my clothes and electronics in storage? What can be done for my dog?
Advantage and flea shampoo has not helped at all. I am sorry I can not donate anything or the help i am asking for, this whole experience has devastated me physically, mentally, and financially. I would be grateful for anyone’s help in this nightmare…Thank you.
Spider Woman
Del Norte County, California Redwood coast

Spider:  possibly Amaurobiidae species

Possibly Hacklemesh Weaver

Dear Spider Woman,
While we sympathize with many of the symptoms you have so chillingly described in your letter, we would like to try to exonerate the spider that is the alleged culprit.  Spiders do not have larvae, they have spiderlings that look exactly like the adults, but in miniature.  We contacted Eric Eaton who said this about your images:  “I think the spiders are something in the family Amaurobiidae, which can certainly make their homes in ours, but usually on the exterior of buildings.  I have never, ever,  heard of a legitimate case of them residing in someone’s hair.  They also do not lay millions of eggs, just strewn about…..  The image of the “larvae” in the dog’s ear just looks like wax to me.
”  Spiders in the family Amaurobiidae are known as Hacklemesh Weavers according to BugGuide, and Wikipedia also uses the names Tangled Nest Spiders and Night Spiders.  Spiders are not parasites, and we do not believe the spiders are connected to your health crisis.  We have no idea what the brown sticky goo might be.  We are just amateurs and we are not qualified to give any professional health advice.  We would recommend that you post a comment to your posting and you will be notified if any of our readers have suggestions.  We believe you need to seek some professional help.

Dod's Ear

Ekbom Syndrome
October 21, 2009
Here at the University of Georgia we are conducting a research project on Ekbom Syndrome (the clinical name for delusory parasitosis). We know responding to these individuals can take a lot of your time, so please feel free to refer them to us at 706-542-9033 or
Dr. Nancy C. Hinkle

Dear Dr. Nancy C. Hinkle,
We are posting your letter as well as including it with earlier postings that we believe are Delusory Parasitosis.  Hopefully you will be able to help these unfortunate sufferers.