What Do Wasps Eat? 6 Types of Wasp Diets

Wasps hover around human food in picnics and gardens, in most cases scaring them to no end! But what do wasps eat? Do they really like all those syrups and sodas? Known for their interesting physical features, nest-building techniques, and ability to live as colonies, wasps are indeed one of god’s most unique creations.  If … Read more

Do Wasps Pollinate? Exploring The Role of These Beneficial Insects

We all know about how useful bees are in the garden as pollinators, but what of their larger cousins, the wasps? Do wasps pollinate, and do they have any other benefits? Pollination is one of the most important phenomena that takes place in the plant world. Plants need to transfer pollen from one place to … Read more

Wasp That Lays Eggs In Spider

Did you know that there is a wasp that lays eggs in spiders and uses them both as host and food for its larvae? In this blog, we cover this amazing tiny wasp that paralyzes and enslaves huge spiders for its benefit. Spider wasps are parasitoid wasps whose hosts are spiders forced to incubate the … Read more

Will Wasp Spray Kill A Spider (And Vice Versa)? Truth Revealed

Camel Spider

Most people have bug sprays in their houses but typically don’t have a spray meant for spiders. So, will wasp spray kill a spider? Or do you have to buy a special spray for spiders instead? Let’s find out. There are a lot of different techniques we use to keep away insects indoors. Using a … Read more

19 Wasps That Eat Wood: Helpful Information

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What Eats Wasps? 5 Types of Wasp Predators

Wasps are the mighty predators of the insect kingdom, stinging their way into the record books. But in nature, there are no apex predators. So, what eats wasps? Let’s find out. If you remember a few lessons from your sixth grade, I’m sure you can recollect the hazy memories of something known as a food … Read more