Great Golden Digger Wasp Facts

In this article, we will share all the basic species details about the great golden digger wasp, such as its habitat, what it eats, and so on. Great golden digger wasps will instantly grab your attention as they have brightly colored bodies and are big in size. These features can make them look quite intimidating, … Read more

Wasp Vs Bee: 8 Key Differences

Wasps and bees look alike, fly alike and sting alike. So why are they categorized separately? In this article, we look at wasp vs bee, and their key differences and similarities as well. Both wasps and bees are stinging insects belonging to the order Hymenoptera. However, there are several differences between them – starting from … Read more

How Long Do Wasps Live?

Have you ever wondered about the lifecycle of wasps? How long do wasps live on average? Where do they go during the winter? We will answer these questions below. The life cycle of a wasp generally differs from species to species. There are two major categories of wasps – social and solitary. Social wasps are … Read more

Cuckoo Wasp Interesting Facts: 4 Things You Should Know About This Rainbow Colored Wasp

In this article, we will share some immensely fascinating facts about cuckoo wasps, one of nature’s most beautiful wasps. Cuckoo wasps are interesting insects widely recognized for their beautiful colors. You can spot them in rainbow or shiny metallic colors, mostly blue and green. There are several interesting facts about cuckoo wasps that make them … Read more