What Are Thrips Attracted To? Explained

What Are Thrips Attracted To

Thrips can be devastating to plants. But what are thrips attracted to, and how can we use those things to trap them? This blog discusses mass trapping and how it can save your harvest from thrips. Are the biocontrol measures you take to control thrips failing to free your houseplants or garden from those annoying … Read more

Do Thrips Live In Soil? All you need to know!

Do Thrips Live In Soil

Thrips usually live and breed on plants, but do thrips live in soil too? When using pesticides or other thrips repellants, do you have to spray on the soil too? Let’s find out.   Thrips are a menace to plants. If you’re wondering if these super common pests live anywhere besides the plants, your suspicions … Read more

Do Ladybugs Eat Thrips? Helpful Tips

Do Ladybugs Eat Thrips

Plant parents use ladybugs for almost any kind of pest infestation, but do ladybugs eat thrips too? Do they eat thrips eggs? What about ladybug larvae? Let’s learn all these answers in the blog below.   Tiny thrips can destroy your beautiful plants in a matter of days. By the time you find out about … Read more

Do Thrips Bite Humans? Truth Revealed

Do Thrips Bite Humans

Thrips can infest your plants and destroy them. But do thrips bite humans as well? Why do they bite? Let’s find out Thrips feed on plants, so why do some people complain that thrips bite them? If humans are not a food source, then why would an insect want to bite one? Moreover, what are … Read more