How To Get Rid Of Springtails In Bed? Helpful Tips

Springtails are a nuisance pest that can infest your home and spread in thousands. They can come into any damp room. Let us look at how to get rid of springtails in your bed and bedroom. Springtails can infest your bedroom’s window sill, houseplants, or even your bed. Thankfully, you can easily remove these little … Read more

What To Feed Springtails? Helpful Tips

Wondering what to feed springtails? Here is your complete guide!   We often treat Insects as harmful to our homes, but can some of them be beneficial too? Springtails are surprisingly common tiny insects, often found in your house’s damp nooks and corners. These bugs feed on any organic matter. And that’s a great reason … Read more

Deep Cave Springtails – Deepest Living Creature On Earth

Deep Cave Springtails

Did you know that life could survive 7000 feet under the ground? Welcome to the world of the deep cave springtails, the deepest living creature on earth. Deep cave springtails, scientifically known as Plutomurus Ortobalaganensis, are one of the four newly discovered species of cave springtails. Scientists discovered these creatures in the Krubera Voronya cave … Read more