Spined Micrathena: Essential Guide for the Curious Observer

Spined Micrathena spiders are fascinating creatures that you might have encountered while walking through wooded areas. These orb-weaving spiders belong to the genus Micrathena and are known for their unique appearance, featuring a chunky, spiny abdomen. In Missouri, there are three species of spiny orb-weavers, with the spined Micrathena being one of the most common. … Read more

Are Spined Micrathena Spiders Poisonous? Debunking Myths & Facts

Spined Micrathena spiders are a type of orb-weaver known for their distinctive appearance, often featuring black bodies with white markings and five pairs of black spines on their abdomens. While their unique appearance may inspire curiosity and perhaps even fear, the question of whether they are poisonous or not is quite relevant. In the world … Read more