Sowbug: All You Need to Know – Your Friendly, Essential Guide

Sowbugs are fascinating little creatures that you might have come across in damp areas around your home or garden. Belonging to the Porcellio species, sowbugs are not insects but actually crustaceans, more closely related to crabs and shrimp Common Insects and Mites: Sowbugs, pillbugs, and millipedes. These gray critters prefer very damp environments and have … Read more

Where Do Sowbugs Live: Uncovering Their Habitat and Environment

Sowbugs are fascinating little critters that often provoke curiosity. These small, land-dwelling crustaceans are more commonly known as woodlice or pillbugs, and they play an important role in breaking down organic matter in their environment. You might have encountered sowbugs in damp, dark places such as under rocks, logs, or piles of leaves. They prefer … Read more