Life Cycle of Soldier Beetles

Soldier beetles have a four-stage lifecycle. Egg Stage During the egg stage, female soldier beetles lay their small, oval-shaped eggs in concealed places like soil, leaf litter, or under bark. These eggs usually hatch within a week or two, depending on environmental conditions. Larvae Stage Upon hatching, the larvae emerge and begin their quest for … Read more

Soldier Beetles – All You Need To Know

In this article, we take a look at the dangerous-sounding “soldier beetles.” Soldier beetles are known for their body colors, which look a little similar to that of a British soldier’s red uniform. Unlike most other insects, their elytra (hind wings) are soft, and they feed on both nectar and pollen. Apart from this, there … Read more

Goldenrod Soldier Beetle: Timid Guardian of Your Plants

Spotted a yellow beetle with black spots on its wings? You might have seen the goldenrod soldier beetle. Let’s learn why it is good to have them in your yard. Goldenrod flowers are great for several medical applications like treating diabetes, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, asthma, and more.  But did you know these flowers are also an … Read more

What Do Soldier Beetles Eat? Helpful Facts

If you spot a large bug in your garden, it is natural to question what it eats and whether it can be harmful to you. Below we explain what do soldier beetles eat and why they are particularly beneficial for you. Soldier beetles are common garden dwellers that help in controlling insect populations and pollinating … Read more