Western Conifer Seed Bug in House: Quick Solutions for Removal

As fall approaches, you might be surprised to find some uninvited guests in your home — the western conifer seed bug (WCSB). These herbivorous insects are native to western North America, but have spread eastward since the 1950s. They feed on conifers, including various pines, spruces, hemlocks, and Douglas fir. While their feeding habits don’t … Read more

Seed Bugs – All You Need To Know

Seed bugs are massively common in North America, so if there is anything you want to know about these critters, this single resource will help you out. Seed bugs are extremely common in North America, and unfortunately, they are almost all problematic.  There are a large variety of seed bugs out there that share similar … Read more

Do Seed Bugs Bite? Truth Revealed

Seed bugs loved to munch on coniferous plants, but a research report set the cat among the pigeons by claiming they bite humans too. So, do seed bugs bite? We explore this in the article below. No, seed bugs do not bite. But one case was reported in a research journal of a seed bug … Read more