Scoliid Wasp: Quick Guide to Identification and Behavior

Scoliid wasps are fascinating insects that often go unnoticed by many people. These wasps are robust, slightly hairy creatures with unique coloration, including dark or metallic shades and patterns of yellow spots. Their large size and solitary nature make them intriguing subjects for those interested in learning more about the insect world. As you explore … Read more

Scoliid Wasp Sting: What You Need to Know and How to Treat It

Scoliid wasps are fascinating insects, often found in various parts of the world. These robust, slightly hairy creatures can be recognized by their dark color, often metallic with yellow markings or spots. One common species you might encounter is the Scolia dubia, also known as the blue-winged wasp. Although their appearance may seem intimidating, scoliid … Read more